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Labor and Social Insurance Procedure

Companies operating in Japan must obey the regulations about following types of insurance.
The purpose of these social insurance systems is to help employees have a stable life by providing them with medical or pension benefits for illness, injury, disability, and retirement.

We undertake paperwork of social insurance, labor insurance, and submit those documents to the government office.
We use online submissions (e-Gov) for faster processing.

Followings are some of the services we perform.

  • Procedures for joining to and/ or withdrawing from Social Insurance and Labor Insurance.
  • Procedures for acquiring and/ or losing qualifications of the insured Social Insurance and Employment Insurance.
    @@(Issuing health insurance cards, and / or turnover slips.)
  • Procedures for notification of basic calculations and notification of monthly change of social insurance.
  • Procedures for reporting Labor insurance premiums.
  • Procedures for applying for sickness and injury allowance and maternity allowance for Health Insurance, and so onc


About Insurance Systems in Japan

Health Insurance System

The purpose of the systems is to provide coverage in the event of injury, illness, birth and/or death.
In these cases, part of the cost shall be borne by the insurance systems.
Insurance premiums are determined in accordance with an insured personfs income.
In addition, employees between the age of 40 and under 65 shall pay premiums for Long-term Care Insurance.

Procedures of these insurance systems must be done at a Pension Branch Office that covers the location of the company.

Pension Insurance System

The purpose of the pension insurance system is to guarantee income for life, providing them with pension benefits for post-retirement, disability and death.
In addition to receiving basic pensions according to the amount of money deposited, there are also disability pensions that can be paid for suffering illness or injury. In the event of employeesf death, survivorsf pension is paid to his/her dependent spouse taking care of child(ren) or to dependent child(ren).

Procedures of these insurance systems must be done at a Pension Branch Office that covers the location of the company.

Industrial Injury and Workersf Accident Compensation Insurance

The Labor Standards Act stipulates an employer shall have a duty to pay an employeefs medical care expenses and temporary disability compensation, when he/she is injured or suffers illness attributed to his/her employment.
All employers with one or more employee, whether corporate or an individual proprietorship, are required to take out a policy in workersf accident compensation insurance at their own cost in order to meet the aforementioned obligation regardless of their financial status.
Employees who sustain injury while commuting to and from work are provided with the same benefits as those offered for job-related accidents from Workersf Accident Compensation Insurance.

Procedures of these insurance systems must be done at a Labor Standards Inspection Office that covers the location of the company.

Employment Insurance System

The Employment Insurance System shall provide benefits which ensure displaced employees a stable life until they find a new job.

Procedures of these insurance systems must be done at a Public Employment Security Office that covers the location of the company.
Insurance premiums shall be paid by both employer and employees, and their shares are defined respectively in accordance with employeefs wages.
Also, if you meet necessary conditions, unemployment benefits are provided when an employee covered by employment insurance is forced to leave employment (e.g. dismissal, bankruptcy) or leaves employment for his or her own reasons, and is unable to find a new job, any time.

Benefits for your company

As mentioned above, insurance systems in Japan are very complicated, and laws and regulations related to these insurances are constantly being updated and revised. Furthermore, a considerable amount of paperwork is necessary to be done throughout the year and its amount is constantly increasing with legal reform.
On behalf of you, we actively keep up with these changes and prepare the necessary documents related to the employment from the hire to the retirement so that you can be in good standing with Japanese labor law. This also be beneficial to minimize labor costs allowing you to save your time and focus on your business.

If you have any questions relating to labor management issues as below, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • What do I need to know before hiring an employee?
  • What kind of insurance does a company need to have?
  • What contents do I need to include in a notice of employment?
  • How do I need to calculate overtime work?
  • How risky is it to rely solely on templates from the Internet to create rules of employment and contracts? And so onc

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