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Payroll Services

We perform calculate monthly salary, twice a year bonus, year-end adjustment of withholding tax calculations, and so on.
We prepare various materials such as salary slips for each employees, payments and deductions lists, and bank transfer lists. Web salary is also available.

Services we provide

(1) Monthly and bonus payroll
(2) Year-end adjustment of withholding tax calculations
(3) Notification of base amount for calculation of social insurance
(4) Annual renewal of labor insurance,etc.
*(2)-(4) are systems particular to Japan.


Benefits for your company

Benefits of leaving payroll calculations to Labor and Social Security Attorney

It is very important to calculate payroll with the proper understanding of the Labor Laws such as gPrincipals of Payment of Wagesh, gLegal Working Hours and Holidaysh, and gPaid Leaveh, etcc

  • We have an extensive understanding of labor laws
    Allowances to be included or not included in the calculation of overtime payments are determined by the Labor Standards Act. We have the knowledge to calculate in any situation.
    This prevents nonpayment of overtime work fees [ a severe offense in Japan ] due to lack of knowledge
  • We are skilled with payroll calculating systems
    To calculate payroll accurately, it is necessary to reflect the knowledge of the payroll processing.
    We use most major calculation systems.
  • We react promptly to the revisions of the laws
    We identify applicable laws for payroll calculations, and when any changes are made in related laws, we can modify the calculation process.
  • We react to rate changes of the social insurance premium
    Social insurance premiums (including the long-term care insurance premiums, the welfare pension insurance premiums) are revised on a regular basis, so we reflect these changes accurately.
  • We keep all employee information secret and secured.
    We carefully handle confidential information such as salaries and personal information of employees.
  • You can rest assured that you can get the best outsourcing
    If we can perform payroll calculations for your company, there is no need to worry about difficult situations such as the sudden retirement of the employee in charge of payroll, and so on. We take care of your company like itfs our own.

If you have any questions relating to labor management issues as below, please feel free to contact us at any time.

  • What do I need to know before hiring an employee?
  • What kind of insurance does a company need to have?
  • What contents do I need to include in a notice of employment?
  • How do I need to calculate overtime work?
  • How risky is it to rely solely on templates from the Internet to create rules of employment and contracts? And so onc

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